Wholesale Goods

Mo' Dough products are available in wholesale quantities. Whether it's a one-time event or for regular use at an institution such as a restaurant or school, we'll work with you to get the products you need at prices you can afford.

In addition to our fresh pizza dough and par-baked pizza shells, we offer wide variety of products for wholesale. We also carry a number of high quality toppings that will give your pizzas that perfect flavor!

You'll also find that we have a wide assortment of cookies, breads and sweets. It's not problem at all to prepare them fresh for you in wholesale quantities. Just call ahead to place your order.

Why should you choose Mo' Dough? Download our Wholesale Brochure to find out.

Below is a sampling of the pizza dough and par-baked shells that we offer for wholesale:

Pizza Dough - White and Wheat

24 oz
20 oz
16 oz

Par-Baked Shells - White and Wheat

1/2 Square
16" Round
14" Round
12" Round
10" Round
9" Round
7" Round